Established professionalism

The rigour of our approach and the quality of our design work as part of structural modifications are demonstrated from the get-go as we conduct a thorough inspection of the site to clarify the nature of the work and therefore maximize the efficiency of the following steps.

Constructive solutions

We have a well-established reputation for adopting a positive attitude and proposing constructive solutions to resolve all sorts of structural modification design challenges.

Quality and reliability

The skills and experience of our technical team and our high-quality work ensure the satisfaction of clients who entrust us with their structural design projects.


When planning structural modifications for a building, it is essential to master design principles specific to the various structural components according to the constraints of the features to keep. With vast knowledge in wood, steel and concrete structures, our technical team follows a thorough design process to maintain standards – data research, surveys, analysis of existing conditions, calculation of loads, and design of components optimizing the structural arrangement to ensure safe performance under loads and limit costs. The structural design and components selected will simplify the implementation process to reduce labour time, on-site complications and, consequently, costs.

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