Highly competent carpenters

All of our carpenters have the skills needed to perform high-quality work and have their certificate of competency from the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ).

Carpenters with vast experience

Our carpenters have vast experience, which they gained by successfully completing several construction projects involving various challenges.

Carpenters who “have a sense for wood”

This is a very valuable talent, especially for renovation projects, as their ingenuity helps to complete the work on time and on budget.


Supervised by seasoned professionals, our team of carpenters/joiners, with recognized expertise, will help you complete all of your residential construction projects: interior renovations with plans, building of new structures, reinforcement of existing structures, completion of structural modifications, expansion or rehabilitation of the basement, addition of a storey or mezzanine, addition or replacement of beams, trusses, joists, roof trusses, columns or poles, replacement of load-bearing walls, renovation of the floors and laying of coverings, reinforcement for the addition of a green roof, installation of barricades and post-damage restoration.

Their dynamism and efficiency, combined with their rigour, are such that they complete high-quality work on time and on budget.

Nous joindre

Residential strctural repairs

“Having a sense for wood” is important for structural renovation or reinforcement projects and structural modifications. Given that new and old material must be meshed together to maintain the structural and architectural integrity of your home, the challenge is often significant. The ingenuity and precision work of our pros make all the difference.


If you need an experienced team of carpenters for your construction or renovation project, give us a call!

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