Masons with certified skills

Each of our masons has his certificate of competency from the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ). All team members have the know-how needed to complete work that meets the highest standards and expectations.

Masons with solid experience

Our team of masons includes specialized labourers who each have their share of accomplishments that have stood the test of time.

Masons mastering the “art of mortar”

Our masons are masters at handling and shaping various types of bricks and stones and at preparing and applying different types of mortars, cements and adhesives.


Supervised by seasoned professionals, our team of masons, with a recognized speciality in masonry restoration, has all the skills and experience needed to take on any challenge successfully: installation and repair of bricks and stones, replacement of lintels, work on the chimney, rejointing, replacement of sills, mortar rejointing and reinforcement of vertical and horizontal joints.

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Residential masonry repairs

The selection of the type of mortar, cement or adhesive, their preparation according to application conditions, the choice of replacement parts and the precision of placement all have a significant impact on the aesthetic results and life span of the work. This is why it is important to entrust masonry repair work to certified experts to ensure your satisfaction in the long run.


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