Doing things correctly

Publish on: 2016-09-01
Category: Residential Construction

To complete any repair, renovation, redesign, construction, expansion, replacement and reinforcement work, it is essential to follow the steps to ensure that the project is completed successfully and on budget.

The following steps must be considered:

  • Identification of needs

We usually do not care for renovation work but rather the results it yields (bigger space, removal of a wall, addition of surface, etc.). By identifying needs, we can determine the work to be completed according to the client’s expectations. This step is the foundation on which plan and specification design is based.

  • Feasibility

Whether deficiencies must be corrected or modifications must be made to your building, it is important to establish the existing conditions to determine what must (and may have to) be done to achieve the desired result.

  • Assessment of the budget

With knowledge of the constraints of the existing components of the project and the projected work, costs must be estimated to establish the budget. The budget is an essential tool to determine the work to select when preparing the plans.

  • Planning/design – Preparation of plans and specifications

When the project is clearly defined, the plans and specifications will indicate the specifications that will guide the labourers in the execution of the work. Plans and specifications are the means of communication between the client and entrepreneur. They are used as reference to know what the project entails.

  • Completion according to sound professional procedures and practices

The work methods must allow for the work to be carried out according to the plan specifications in order to obtain results that meet your expectations. The work is monitored on site to ensure the quality requested.