Recognized professionalism

The seriousness of our approach and the quality of our building facade inspection work are confirmed from the get-go as, without jumping to hasty conclusions, we examine existing documents to accurately target components that are most vulnerable to degradations.

Comprehensive inspections and constructive solutions

We have a well-established reputation for presenting comprehensive facade inspection reports and proposing constructive solutions.

Quality and reliability

The skills and experience of our facade inspection department, combined with our pride in only providing high-quality work, ensure the satisfaction of building owners and managers who call on us regularly.


It is in the interest of building owners to entrust professionals with the inspection of their facades so that these professionals can not only identify the deficiencies and problems that can contribute to the development of hazardous conditions – infiltrations, rust, blooms, chips, cracks, fastening problems, dislocated blocks and bricks, deteriorated joints, etc. – , but also suggest the most relevant corrective actions to take regarding the building condition and financial resources available.

Our technical team has the skills, equipment and expertise needed to conduct examinations and surveys, including exploratory openings, and detailed inspections to then draft inspection reports that comply with the provisions of Section VIII – Building of the Safety Code L.R.Q. B-1.1, r.3 from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

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Our expertise in institutional, commercial and residential construction and renovation, combined with the experience of our seasoned carpenters/joiners and bricklayers/masons, makes Di Paolo Construction a valued partner for the completion of remedial work on your building facades.


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