Established professionalism

The rigour of our approach and the quality of our structural inspection work are demonstrated from the get-go as we conduct a thorough diagnosis to clarify the status of the situation.

Constructive solutions

We have a well-established reputation for adopting a positive attitude, presenting comprehensive inspection reports and proposing constructive solutions.

Quality and reliability

The skills and experience of our structural inspection department, combined with our pride in only providing high-quality work, ensure the satisfaction of building owners and managers who call on us regularly.


Proper analysis of the condition of the building structure helps to properly plan any modification project, maintenance program or repair or expansion work.

Our inspection report summarizes the observations made during our surveys and examinations, including the exploratory openings that we have made, where applicable. Our clear recommendations regarding structural maintenance, repair or modification are included in the inspection report. A budget estimate of the work completes our recommendations when it is required.

An action plan following the structural inspection helps to establish the steps (budget estimate, plan and specification preparation, work phasing) of a rehabilitation, repair, modification or maintenance project. You thus have all the information on hand to make an informed decision.

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Our institutional, commercial and residential construction and renovation expertise, combined with the experience of our specialized labourers, makes Di Paolo Construction a valued partner for the completion of corrective work on your building structures.

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